Today I have been looking around for information about ADD/ADHD. Someone I know well has already diagnosed himself with ADHD. He seems almost happy to put a name to his feelings. I have mixed thoughts about that as well. We are all different. We all have a set of emotions/thoughts/actions that are unique. Just because one of us is not made in the same mold and others makes us wonder why. Instead of celebrating why, most of us try to figure out how to fix ourselves rather than revel in our uniqueness.

Truly ADHD and ADD are common household terms today. But look at the context in which they are given: kids not being able to sit down and study all day. When is that a normal thing? I can't sit down and be quiet all day long. How can we expect children to do it? Sit in an office and work all day without getting up? That's what some of my friends in government offices are required to do. They are not allowed to leave their cubicle except for emergencies and scheduled breaks. That is not human - that is robotic. We are not robots. So we have a need to move, to explore, and to create.

If we find ourselves in a situation where that movement is not encouraged or allowed, then we are going to find stress knotting up within us and it is not usually because we are psychotic or neurotic - it is because our society is forcing us to form to its schema.

Relax, reform, and rebuild your lives. Take control. If you have a creative personality and are forced to sit in a box - make a positive shift in your situation. Get another job! Work four days instead of five! Anything you do to make your life more flexible will add to your enjoyment in this journey we call life.

For more information, contact us and we will be happy to converse with you. Just get out of your rut, but don't confine yourself to medication and thoughts of your "disorder." Maybe you are just a creative, active sort who needs to do something else....

Maybe you just need to develop a better sense of humor and imagine stories like Maurice Sendak did in "Where the Wild Things are" and

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