Thinking redefined

You are walking down the hall of a building. When you near two people talking, they look up and stop talking. What do you think?

 a) They are talking about you.

b) They just finished their conversation.

Once upon a time I would have answered a. But today I would answer b. How did I change my perceptions and beliefs? Well, it didn't happen over night. It was a gradual transformation.

CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the vehicle by which I was changed from paranoid, sullen, and sad to upbeat and happy! And I want to share a little about this process with you today. It takes a long time to create habits and when we realize they are not healthy habits, we need to figure out a way to remove them from our mind files. Some people are raised with the "right" way to think and others are not. I was not. So, for me, I needed someone to work with me and I needed to work on it every day. The thought that I could someday NOT care what others think or say was foreign to me. I didn't realize I had a CHOICE! My culture was such that everyone in the family would yell, pout, cry, or be extremely happy whenever they felt like it. There were no keeping our business to ourselves. The world had to know. And, you know what? The world didn't care. As a matter of fact, our flailing with emotion got on some people's nerves. We were intruding into their lives and seemingly did not care what effect we had on those people.
So how did I create change in my life? To make a long story short, I married a man who is a natural CBT guy - if someone calls him a name, he looks at it two ways: am I this? Then that person is correct. Am I NOT this? Then that person is wrong. End of story. Secondly, I read a lot about improving oneself. I read voraciously and all the time. And I went to counseling school. Whew. So at the ripe age of retirement, I finally can say that I am changed. But what if you say you don't have that kind of time? It's too much to be tormented now....

Then find a therapist who can help you with CBT. Art Therapists are counselors trained in psychotherapy and CBT is one of the skillsets we learned. So, we are ready to help you whenever you are ready.

Other people are looking too! Check this link out to see you are not alone....

And if you live in the Salem area, I have an office downtown in the Reed Opera House and in less than 10 sessions, I believe I can help you understand and use CBT in your own life or in your child's....So, give me a call and let's get you started on the train of happiness once again or, maybe, for the first time! And, if you have a computer and don't want to come visit me, let's try SKYPING! I've done it with some other clients and PayPal works well, as does the Skyping aspect. Hang on for the ride of your life!

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Here's wishing you a most joyous life!

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