Autism Awareness

I just found out a dear woman I know just had her 2-year old diagnosed as autistic. After sharing that with my nutritionist friend at lunch, she commented that many more children are being diagnosed as autistic and she thinks part of it is the vegan diet or the strict nutritional values some young people have today! She asked that I share some of these facts with you today:
1. You will be fat if you don't eat fat in your diet.
2. Breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day. You stand an 80% better chance than non-breakfast eaters of maintaining a healthy weight.
3. Drink whole milk, especially for children!
4. Eat protein at breakfast - bacon is okay! Just not the whole package at once.
5. NO soda!
6. Drink fruit juice diluted with 50% water.

Trust us! Vegans put themselves and their children in danger when they are not careful....