Book Club

 Do you ever have those days when you've read something and you are so inspired your mind begins to create a multitude of exciting ventures you wish to engage in? Today was that day. I am trying to regulate my time and emotions as I write this. So I have delegated each day a time to read. I am reading a spiritual book, one page at a time, a gift from my daughter-in-laws. I am reading a self-help book written by a therapist, which entails her voyage through life and all the stops she has made. At this time I am starting a book called WHEN WE LEFT CUBA. The idea of the book attracted me, as I was fortunate enough to work with several Cuban American refugees in the 1960s. At Blessed Sacrament Academy in San Antonio, Texas, I helped teach two girls - Reyna and I can't remember the other girl's name - After reading all this, I remembered her name - Fabiola! I even have their school photos somewhere - I digress, but my mind is moving so rapidly that the words fall far behind...anyway, I did meet with them each weekend and we just talked as young girls do - me not knowing any Spanish and they not knowing any English. It is relevant that a story about that time in Cuban history would catch my interest.

I have a FB page called Literacy for Life. Isn't that enough? No. Now I want to add to my website a similar page - and I think I'll use the simple title BOOK CLUB. Won't you join me? I want to talk about this book, 

Sign up now - no fees. No exchange of products. Just a simple sharing of minds! Email me @ to get in the club. See you soon!

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