Whew! I had to paste that before I forgot! Summer has come and almost gone and I am very late in posting, but, you know what? I doubt many of you care a bit! 'Cause, to be truthful, there aren't many of us reading this blog! :) Which leads me to why? Why do we write blogs? Are we so consumed with our important lives that we think writing about that fodder would make good reading for the masses? All I know is that I have this fervent burning desire to write and most of the time it's just practice stuff - nothing to win a prize for! But that doesn't keep me from continuing to write.

With that all said, our fall issue is coming in a few weeks - the theme is adventure. You will read about S Cotton's adventure living as a retiree in Malaque, Mexico and you'll listen to info about homeschool, food art, a trip of dreams for a sixteen year old, and the tribes of Miami, as well as a great article about aromatherapy and definitely don't miss the one about procrastination...That and much more - enjoy the photo essay by Jim and Val of their recent adventure to Alaska via automobile! Or was it an RV?

Our winter issue's theme will be change. What can you contribute to it about change in your life? The ideas are endless...Till next time, peace and many blessings!

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