Just focus! Sit still. Look ahead. And focus....are you still there? Hey, I mean YOU! Just do it!

Focusing is harder than one might imagine. In this day of instant gratification, less human interaction, and more technology than we know what to do with, most of us feel pulled in too many directions, sometimes many at the same time. Focus? Are you kidding me? Several tricks help one pull back into the moment and what is needed to be done in the present.

1. Try tapping. EPT is a process whereby individuals tap their foreheads, cheek, and sometimes breastbone, in order to awaken the senses. When I have felt like I was going down the rabbit hole of despair, tapping on my forehead and cheeks reminded me I was in control of what I believed and felt. EPT practitioners, don't worry. I haven't perverted your process too much and I am not quitting my day job to practice EPT fulltime, but I have taken your advice and individualized this process to work for me.

2. A bout of strenuous 1-minute workouts in cycles of 4 or 5 work wonders in getting us out of that pitfall of mind wandering....Sometimes I just run in place very hard for thirty seconds and then jog the rest of the minute and repeat the process a few times. Works wonders in getting more oxygen to the brain.

3. Drawing a mandala! Yes, take the time to find those pens, pencils, and paper. Draw a circle and fill it in with patterns. You will relax and find that you are beginning to focus better. Yes, most art will do that for you.

4. Deep breathing. Take a deep breath and count  and release the breath, continuing the count. Do so for 9 repetitions. You may have to repeat the repetitions a few times at first.

5. And for those kinesthetic types, go back to the top of this blog and click on the article. This sensory appliance  you can make at home is fabulous for kids and those of us who like to move things around...Yes, focusing will help you find the items.

Feel better now? Ok, so now that I have taken the energy to write this for you, I need to focus on what I should do - it's spring break. I should vacuum. But I don't have to. I really don't have to do anything I don't want to this entire week, but does that mean I should sleep all day? I feel guilty when I do, but, the again, I'm buying the premise that we can make up sleep. And lately with working fulltime I haven't had enough sleep. So, I will focus. Focus on relaxing. Yeah, that's it. Focus on relaxing.

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