In a world where you can be anything, be KIND!

Today as I sit in my home office, laden with a pounding headache, my defenses are low and my mind very active. I begin to think of an email I received from a colleague this morning and begin to tear it apart, reading between the lines and assuming many things, some of which sadden me. Then I realize that I am in charge of how I feel and that I need not surrender my power to others, even those who are unwitting contributors to my current state of mind. In other words, using the FOUR AGREMENTS as my guide and the ancient Toltec Indians as mentors, I will not make assumptions. I will not take things personally. That's half the game plan from this amazing book by Don Miguel Ruiz.Living The Four Agreements - Wisdom Of The Toltecs - Inspirational Framed Print featuring the painting Living The Four Agreements - Wisdom Of The Toltecs by Celestial Images

Secondly, as I begin not only to heal my body, I begin to heal my mind. My self talk this morning started out a bit negatively, so I revamped my thinking (you may have heard of redirecting negativity). Instead of dwelling on negative thoughts, I defer to positive ones. My colleague may have been showing me great respect. He may have been trying to inform me fully. Whatever his intent, I should not begin to read into it at all.

We often do that in our lives. We read into what others say or do. Then we find it necessary to share it with someone, much as I am sharing my morning email with you. So, before we become hot and bothered, we need to stop and think. First of all, is what I am thinking true? Maybe? Then, if we aren't sure, stop thinking about it and stop sharing it. Secondly, is it necessary? Does everyone need to know I began to sink into the depths of negativity this morning as I read a colleague's email? Of course not. This is between that individual and myself. Thirdly, is this sharing nice? Well, sure it is. I just want sympathy and invite you to share your feelings as well. But 2 of the 3 tenets are not true, so it's probably best to move on to more healing conversation.
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We are certainly our own worst enemies. So, during this week, think of the graphic above: Is it true, helpful, inspiring, necesary, and kind? If so, share it. If not, think again why you are getting ready to post. Evaluate your motives and come in on the side of KINDNESS.

If we all begin to clean our own house and mind, perhaps this would be just a little bit better world. Hope so. Spend your week in gratitude, happiness, and purposeful positivity. You will notice a change in your life. Peace to you and yours!

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