Quarantine & Increased Mental Anxiety

Coronavirus tips: How to deal with your anxiety | The IndependentWe, the human race, have united for a very dubious cause. Why dubious? No one knows exactly where this virus started (we have an idea, for sure) and no one knows why. With all the uncertainty and the plethora of news about the virus, people are told to shelter at home. Some places are more stringent in their mandates than others. For me, my defining occupation - that of teacher - has changed drastically. I feel overwhelmed by the amount of phone calls, computerized classroom, packets, and four classes I must juggle - well, there would have been 5, if I consider the independent packet some seniors are trying to finish so they can graduate.
If we had an idea for when this distance learning and living would end, perhaps then it would be easier on all of us. If I, an adult, am so stressed out, how do we think our students feel? I have spoken to a few and they are all overwhelmed. What is the answer? Is there one that fits all? I doubt it, but for me and mine, I am going to work on doing what I am able and doing it well. If I don't get to all the online meetings, so be it. I am responsible and will finish what I start and try to create some semblance of a schedule. For those of you working from home, especially kids, try to remember the following:
  • Create a flexible schedule. Emphasis on flexible.
  • Alternate passive with active times. For example, 20 minutes of schoolwork and 20 minutes of gonoodle.com!
  • Walk around the neighborhood and practice mindfulness with nature.
  • Keep hydrated.
  • Eat a balanced diet - avoid sugary concoctions, but don't eliminate them totally! Give yourself a "treat" when you've accomplished something difficult (like vacuuming or doing the toilets???).
  • Improve your spiritual life.
  • Practice daily gratitudes.
  • Read a good book - not one for work or self-improvement - just a sweet story. How about trying the Mitford Series? Very relaxing and easy read.
  • Contact one person a day via Hangouts or by phone.
  • Smile- that very act creates a hormone release that helps you feel emotionally well!
  • Draw or paint - do something creative.
  • Listen to music or play music. Drum with your fingers on your desk!
Read, listen to, or tell jokes!
Find a good series to watch on Netflix or Hulu or whatever.... the list is endless. Try your best to be upbeat and positive and happy! May you have a peaceful spring and may you find joy in your life that you uncover through this crisis....Maybe one day we will know the whys....

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