Do dreams have meanings? Oftentimes in my practice clients will ask me that and there is good research that shows dreams are a conglomeration of our thoughts, experiences, and words/actions during the day. They are thrown into what might be metaphorically called a jar and shaken up. During the REM cycle where we dream, some of those come out and are activated. No wonder they are strange and don't resemble much of what we thought we think about.

It's sort of related to that deja vu feeling. Have you ever thought, "Man, I have been here before and done this!" Well, each moment in your existence has a hypothetical graph. Within that graph are included time, smell, action, length, etc. You get the idea. Change one little thing such as time in space, and you have the same thing - almost.

Our brains are amazing and I still can't get over the fact that humans only use a small percentage of their capability. Currently, I'm trying to fathom life after death and it is nearly impossible to grasp - that is why I am sure faith is a great part of believing. Me? I don't want to think of fluffy clouds on which I hop with a long white dress, a harp and maybe a halo above my head. That just isn't going to happen. So what is coming? What do you think?

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