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Spring has sprung and hope and change are still flitting about the national scene...what is changing for you and what is hopeful for you? Just glancing about the world we see the tips of daffodils gently sticking their heads into the air and the vigor of outdoors entices even the most reticent of us. . . .

What has changed in your life and what hopes do you have? Our Spring 2013 edition of "Today's Spiritual Woman" is about to be unveiled. We still are accepting articles, poems, stories, and photos (art included). Share the hopeful part of life with others. It is only in sharing that we begin to understand living.

Holidays included in this edition include Mother's Day, graduations, weddings, and the infamous spring break - where are you traveling to or where would you go had you a choice? What books do you recommend to others? Join our community now by emailing us at with your submissions, questions, or comments.

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Pat Garcia said...


I look forward to your Spring edition. All the best for putting it together.