Johnny Angel croons Shelley Fabares, a very popular song in 1962, when I was in the 8th grade! At first the seniors don't recognize the name of the song. But when I turn on YouTube and the music is amplified by my new mini-speaker, they begin to sway and some even mouth the words, and some just hum along. Yes, we all know about angels. I ask them if they believe in angels and if they know anyone who might be an angel. I am surprised at their answers:

  • Yes, my daughter is an angel. She takes me to the movies every week. And she treats me like I'm 10, but that's okay, because, ya know - I think sometimes that's how old I act now!
  • Oh, yes! My mother was an angel....
  • Lola, YOU are an angel. (Here is where I try to hold back tears. I know I am supposed to be a professional and not cry, but I truly am touched by these octogenarians - they touch my very soul.)

 It's the holiday season and some of the seniors I work with have wonderful families who care for them and visit them regularly, but some either have no living families or have relatives who are grateful they are in the home and not with them....So today we made angels. Some could not manipulate the materials to make their very own angel as pictured on this page, but a few could. They wanted to put the angel on their dresser in their room. A few murmured how beautiful. And some were satisfied for me to make the angel for them, describing the process as I worked.

Friday we are going to play picture Santa bingo and I asked them what kind of prizes I should bring. The responses went from whatever you like, Lola to a few dollars would be nice! My hubby wanted to know if I asked them what they would spend the money on - lost opportunity, but there is another day, another time I can ask. The point is that these amazing elders spend a quality time with me either looking at or doing art and I can help them deal with their frustrations, fears, and anxieties. For a while we are just loving and enjoying life together....

I always experience the gamut of emotions as I drive home after working with seniors. This past Friday I realized that I need to take the time to think of the angels in my life. Slow down, sip a cup of something warm and satisfying, and take a few deep breaths. The holidays should be fun and relaxing. Who are the angels in YOUR life? Try coloring the angel below or draw your own angel. Art is healing and a must in everyone's life. Thinking positive thoughts precludes having negative ones seep in....Have a wonderful and restful week! 

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