Christmas Past

Visions of white plastic trees and lighted color wheels....Cousins, uncles, and aunts joined our family for Christmas Eve. Even Oma and Opa were there for a while. And Midnight Mass...So today when I met with my senior clients, we sang Christmas carols and smiled and held hands, swaying to the music. We played Santa bingo and everyone was a winner (thanks to the Dollar Store I had lots of cool prizes). Even the old gentlemen loved it!

We sang but moved our arms, legs, and heads. When I walked in most were in a semi-sleep daze, but when I left, their eyes were open and  many were smiling. My favorite part of the day? When one spry young 80-something ogled Josh Groban as I played him singing on my phone. I sighed and pretended to air kiss him. To which she promptly replied in her most sassy voice, "Hey, I saw him first!" I retorted with just as much sass, "Well, can't we just share?" She relented with a smile, "Well, I GUESS so...."

Even J who always says he is "tired and hurting all over" smiled and said he felt better after our group session. Oh, yes, he did remember my name and asked why I took so long to get there. Sort of took me back - I did not think any of them would remember our experience together each week. Who knows? J did and I wonder who else may have....

On the drive home I smiled as I remembered them eating (of course, I got permission from the caretaker first) the cherry candy canes and the sassy one asking if I couldn't find any smaller ones - LOL! These were about 2 inches long! I told her I looked, but this was it! We all laughed. A good time was had today. A short 45 minutes a day for some of them and their world changes positively - music, art, movement, and lots of laughter and love! I really feel that the Lord has called me to this humbling ministry.

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