Redefining the blog....

Today in the A to Z writing challenge, my friend says it is D day. And she says I can jump in and start and maybe even finish. So why am I trying to redefine this blog? Originally, I had high hopes of a booming practice and helping thousands of others in their quest for peace and happiness. But I had to find it first myself. So I veered in and out of the blog sharing my work with seniors and then with little ones. I am sure I helped others, but thousands? Not necessarily so. And I wondered why I was even writing and about what I was writing. PURPOSE? What is my purpose in this blog? Perhaps it is to share that we all start projects with good intentions and then gradually diminish the energy with which we began said project. . . . . so, to change the course of this blog was inevitable as we all change and morph from day to day.While working with youth in an elementary school, I continue to accept clients on a sporadic and as needed basis. Come with me as I delve into the D words today and see where they take us. . . .

D can stand for depression, devaluation, darkness, deepness, dinginess, and, ironically, death - a subject that created uberangst in me as a child and young woman, and still, I must admit, frightens me to the core. But D can also stand for dancing, dreaming, and dalliance.....the gentle vibes of grace and relaxation. The challenge for me is to move from the dark to the light without exciting my fears and instead, illuminating the positive.

Dare I entertain thoughts in my isolation here typing out this blog in an office sans others? Might I find happiness and peace within my own thoughts as I intermittently poke at the keys that create these words? Shall I be damned for eternity for doubting or shall I be delighted in the ethereal pleasures of the universe? Delicious thoughts enter my mind of the trip I just took in Mexico with friends. Deep breaths. Relaxation. Thoughts and visions of the warmth of the sun spraying down on all - beaches so sandy and soft - pools of azure blue beckoning us to fill our souls with one thing - peace. Slow breaths. Deep breaths. Cleansing breaths. Yes, I can do this! I can enter the day with joy, however precarious. Yet I can do it. Might we do it together in spirit?

Allow the sound of the waves to fill your soul with peace and rhythm. Permit the serenity of the universe to envelope you as you go through your DAY.

Can you feel the spray of the mist from the ocean on your body? Using all your senses, recreate that time for yourself. Engage in the universe and become one with the elements.

Cast away unfriendly thoughts and spirits - concentrate on the positive - the good - the delightful.


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