F is a four letter word

F - the F word! How my innards shake when I think of this verboten word that many use so often as if it were the word said. After saying this naughty word over and over again, I cease to find any emotion or feeling in the word. After all, it's just a word. However, when I hear someone saying it, I cringe. Yet I have been known to spew forth this word that I dare not even type on this blog. So, in the ABC challenge, what else can I say about the F words?

FREEDOM comes to mind - freedom to say what we want and when we want. Of course, if we want to be civilized types, we won't say words that offend others, even if we think them not that bad - uh, the words, that is.

Freedom is not free - someone paid for it. Yes, we see this mantra often. Who in my family fought for freedom? I suppose my father, uncles, and cousins, and hubby have served in order to make us all free in the USA. My son is also sacrificing part of his life for our freedom and I thank all of the above for their service. Yes, I love our country and I love our freedoms. That is why I become so frazzled when the government usurps any of our precious freedoms. They are ours and need to remain so.

Finally, I will list all the good F words that we can all share and appreciate: family, fun, felicity, farewells, and firsts -
May this blog help you remember what is important and what is merely folly.

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