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One day you have an idea - a pretty good one at that. Then your mind begins the whirring, stirring, whooshing sounds of creating and other ideas pop into your head. Before you know it you have a story and want to share it with others. Your desire to do so is so burning, yearning, and gnawing that you put the words to paper and before you know it, a book or a magazine or a story for a magazine is formed. So is the work of the writer. But what seems to be lacking is the counter balance - the words are vivid, yet they call for an artist. Not any ole' artist. But one who gets the words and can paint them into images forever etched on the viewer's mind. And so the birth of a beautifully poignant picture book arrives....

My Grandma Has Alzheimer's
So it was with my idea of sharing my mother in law's journey with Alzheimer's. I knew it was necessary for me to put those words to paper as my husband and his siblings could not. They were wrought with pain and anguish as they watched their beloved mother slip away. In the interim of writing this book and sharing the story with others, I finally realized that if others could know they were not alone and if they were aware of some of the nuances of the progress of this disease, perhaps, possibly, just maybe, their journey would be significantly less difficult. So, with that in mind, please share Betty's journey with others. The book will be ready for purchase January, 2015, available from Amazon, and also directly from the author, yours truly. Email us at masabitherpist@gmail.com for your ticket to understanding and a book to be cherished for many years to come.
The illustrator is an amazingly talented woman from England, whose work I viewed on art groups on social media. I immediately was drawn to her detailed, fanciful and colorful images and asked her if she was willing to be my partner on this project. Her vision of the cover:
You can see by the picture that Grandma is happy; nevertheless, her mind and environment are quite hectic, misunderstood, and lopsided. That's fine with Grandma!
Thanks to Joann Sands of the UK for helping with this amazing project.

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