Getting High!

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Oh, my, today I got high! I haven't been that high in years, perhaps decades. It was amazing. First I met my friend, Val, and her hubby at Mama's Russian Restaurant in Woodburn, and ate myself into a frenzy. Even had a Diet Coke! Great conversation, gifts of figs and zucchini from my friend and I returned the gesture with a gift of two of my little books.

Left them after an hour and a half and walked through the most amazing mall in Woodburn - the outlet mall, which was bathed in sunlight. The warmth permeated my very soul. People of all colors, all sizes, all genders, all ages, and all temperaments were walking. Some were smiling. Some were intent on finding that certain bargain.

My heart soared as I entered Chico's - a place until now where I could only look at the clothes, for they did not carry my size. Today I could, and did, purchase a few new things for school. How freeing to be out of the PLUS lady sizes - barely, mind you, but still out!

I walked through the Coach store and thought how nice it would be to purchase a purse for my daughter-in-laws, but then realized I really don't know their taste and would waste money purchasing something they would not like. As I left, a beautiful middle-aged woman thanked me for coming in and I said I wished I could have bought something. We got to talking and she said her millennial children are difficult to figure out...I handed her my card and told her she was not alone. We hugged. Perfect strangers. You are not alone.

Placing my items in the trunk of my car, I finished my stroll around the open shops, imbibing the positivity I saw. The beautiful flowers. The shrubs. The cleanliness of the place. And I said a prayer for our country - I said a prayer for you - I hope that malls will forever remain and that people would have the liberty to walk through them, enjoying the world.

As I prepared to return to my car, I reveled in the fact that my fit bit showed I had walked over 3,500 steps, and I took a deep breath and gave thanks. Yes, that's a high I recommend to everyone. It was a good day to be sure. To be sure, I didn't even notice anyone on their phones. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day. A day high on life. Yes, I highly recommend it.

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