The times, they are a changin'

Image result for eclipseI never much liked the raspy tone of the 60's guy Bob Dylan, but his song "The Times They Are A-changin'" kind of stuck in my head today. Yes, times are a-changin'. As I sit at my desk facing the lush green trees and clear blue sky, swathed in sunlight, I feel a slight cool breeze wrapping around me. I marvel at the beauty of nature and feel blessed to have such a lovely view. I am in the moment and content, but, earlier, I made a comment that seemed to distress my spouse.

I commented how it seemed everyone had a party or gathering to attend during this highly-acclaimed event transpiring on Monday - the solar eclipse. We prepared, heeding the warnings on social media. We have supplied our larders with plenty of food and drink. Our cars are gassed up and we're ready. For what? We  invited his siblings to view the event with us, but all, since they, too, heeded the warnings, are afraid to abandon their abodes to enter the melee of tourists invading our spaces. So we plan to celebrate, enjoy, watch, view, or whatever you want to call this observation of the solar eclipse, experience it by ourselves.

What is it that makes me inwardly wanting or perhaps envious of those who are posting their amazing (according to them) plans of viewing this event? Learned men and women tell us that social media feeds on our disillusionment. It tells us that when we see whom we think is everybody having a wonderful, fun-laden time, then we are alone. Our lives are bereft. Something is missing.

Image result for the times they are achangin?trackid=sp-006Are we truly the lost? Or do we need to change? We can't change circumstances easily, nor can we force others to come help us celebrate. We can, however, and this applies to me at the present moment, we can change how we perceive our situation in life at this very moment. We can remain grateful for our health, for the fact that we have a steady income. For the fact that we can wake up and go wherever we wish. We can worship how we feel is important. We can nap or sit on the deck and read. We can stroll around the block or walk in place listening to Pandora's abundant array of music styles. We are blessed. Why is this not enough? My spouse likes it this way. I may, in some manner, wish to have a gathering, but it would merely exacerbate my anxiety level, so why is it not enough to just sit with him and enjoy him?

It is, my friend. It is. We just need to think it is. Simple. It is what it is. It is good. We are blessed. Life is good (a phrase often used by my friend, Martin). Yes, life IS good. Times may be a-changin', but we do not have to change our inner peace. We can maintain through the storm or through the eclipse or through anything. We are.
Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A Changin'

Image result for eclipse

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