Healing Hugs

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We peoples of the earth are all searching for one thing in common - inner peace. Without that, life can be extremely daunting and, at times, downright stressful. At my tender old age, I am revising my old tapes of thought and incorporating new strategies to achieve what ancients called Nirvana. Can Nirvana be found on earth?

We want to be pain free - both emotionally and physically, or at least, diminish the quantity of pain we experience. As I sit here at my computer attempting to share some new to me techniques that really work, I want to describe what technique I am using. I am plugged into this small electrical (run by batteries) device that stimulates my alpha waves in the brain, which means I am increasing wellness throughout my body. I am also told that those delta waves are decreased. I am a novice. I am not a scientist, but I am an avid learner. Therapists today have options to dispense prescriptions and use technologies most are just beginning to use. The Alpha Stim is the one I am testing. So far, I feel a little prickly on the site of the connection to my ear lobe. It does not hurt, but is more like a little tapping. I feel light. I am comfortable. I translate that to mean I am relaxed.

In this harried world of to do's, my only to do right now seems to relax and share with someone - anyone - 'cause what makes me happy is to help others learn to find their happiness. Maybe it's not happiness I'm feeling, but more of a lack of stress. A balance. A feeling that life at this moment is good and comfortable.

I've used this device three times and each time have learned that it works. It does relax me and it does allow me to think clearly. Well, you be the judge of that. Has my writing been clear?

If we can just manage to slow down and enjoy the moment, surely we are then able to focus and be more efficient. I will be sharing this technique in my office now. I will also share with you somatic healing and brain spotting - techniques that are natural, physiological, and healing for the body. Learning so much more about the body enables me to increase my satisfaction with life quotient, and, hopefully, will allow me to help you embrace that same philosophy.

Until we meet, happy hugs to you!

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