Image result for sorrowful womanIt was a gray, cold Easter morning and she sat at her desk, tears running down her cheeks. Her mama had always told her she would regret not marrying someone of her faith. But what did Mama know? SHE had married someone of her faith and he never went to church, so what was the difference? 
Years had passed and she had several children. The boys and girls were good children and made both of them proud. The children, however, grew up and drifted from their faith. Their new families did not embrace the same beliefs. She sat and listened to inspirational songs. Meanwhile, the tears slowly fell down her cheeks. Was she going to sit there and allow her loneliness to envelop her once again? Would she feel like a victim for the ten thousandth time? 
She surveyed the room and began to feel immense guilt that she was thinking about herself. She had many things others did not. She even had a spouse where others did not. Deep breath, silent prayer, and she readied herself for Mass. Alone. Again. But this time would be different. She would pray for the negatives in her life. She would pray that she could find goodness and truth in them. She would not cave to the depressive cloud that threatened to envelop her. She would smile and go on with life.
She was alive. They were alive. Christ had risen from the dead to save HER and all others. Why would she lament the day that was not the picture perfect image she had once had of life? She began slowly to accept reality. It is what it is. Do what you can. Do what you will. Her refrain was to make the best of a not-so-perfect life.
And, that taught me today that she is a survivor. She is a child of God and He loves her. She just needs to believe. Blessings to her and all of you who read this. You are worthy. You are good. You can lift your soul up to the heavens and rejoice. Goodness abides in this world despite the media and the songs that threaten to push us further into the abyss of self pity.
Rise up! Praise the heavens and embrace the day ahead! Happy Easter!Image result for happy easter

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