Happy, blessed New Year to all of the world!

2020 is a new beginning - a new decade, a new year to start doing things neglected during the past year. Take stock of your life - what was good and something you want to continue in your life? What was negative and now it's your time to figure out how to diminish the pain from the negativity, or even better, find a way to thrust it out of your life? Why are we so resistant to change? When I think about it honestly, part of my reasoning is that I am simply lazy. It's far too easy to just remain the way I am, even if I want to change, it, just, well, it's just too much work. I'll settle for drama and what I'm used to. Change - the unknown - is a bit more difficult to interact with. How much energy do I have for change? What impetus is urging me forward with this change? One change I want to make is to control my emotions. I look to the book THE FOUR AGREEMENTS to remind me of how I can ensure happiness in my life and in those who surround me. But, dang, it's hard. I mean, everyone makes assumptions. Mostly everyone I know takes things personally. How can I stop? It won't be easy. It's a journey. I may fail. I will persevere, nevertheless.

What do you have to change in your life? What is one thing that if you changed it, you would feel happier? People would like to be around you more. You would be healthier spiritually and physically...What is IT? When you decide on what IT is, then you can create baby steps to eradicate this IT from your life. Or tame IT...

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