The Awakening of My Soul

It's very difficult to put into words, but this quarantine business has actually been a time of rejuvenation for me. I have not suffered physically, emotionally, or even socially during this time, although I have practiced social distancing and any other mandates set forth by our government. How can this be when others are struggling, stressing, and obsessing about what they are being deprived of? Of course, I miss my grandchildren. I miss my sons and their wives, but not to the point of it making me internally unbalanced.

I am a teacher. I am a therapist. But not in that order. Primarily, I am a loving and caring wife. That is my first order of business during these times. I cherish being at home with my spouse of 45+ years. I cherish watching television with him, just knowing he is in the house when I am studying or reading. What has further given me pleasure is the satisfaction of following a schedule these past few weeks.

I am never at a loss or entertaining feelings of boredom. On the contrary, I am setting up goals that are both pleasurable to me and complement my relationship with my husband. I am working on a picture book and a guide for parents based on a five-year stint writing a column called "Parent's Relief." I am studying for my LPC exam, reflecting on my basic counseling practice and filling in holes and learning new strategies....I am able to take the time to just be. Before I hated getting up at 6 am and today I was up at 5:30, ready to work! What is the difference? At home, I can be in solitude. I don't have to get dressed - nightgown all day works. No worries about my appearance - gray growing in? So what. I am free inside and out now....

Love keeping up on family and friends on social media, but not obsessed with it. Love reading funny memes and sharing those in my group FUNNY STUFF. Love updating each of my beloved books with information pertinent to that group. All of this fulfills some inner desire for peace. It balances me. I am happy.

So what can I share with you that will help you find that priceless feeling of self worth, contentment, and love during this difficult time in the world's history? Notice all the blue highlighted words - they are positive affirmations of how I feel. The more we dwell on the positive, the more our lives with turn towards that path of positivity and joy. It can be done. It is all about thought. Think and therefore you are....Praying that your next few weeks can be a rejuvenation of spirit and body. It's time to look within.

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