Time to think

Summer allows me to continue work, but at my own pace. . . . During the school year, many demands are put upon teachers, and seldom is there time enough to just reflect upon life. We are busy, active, and in the moment, for most of our days. We crash at night regretting we haven't done the latest bit of housework, and/or have neglected nurturing personal relationships. But summer is our respite. Our time to gather our thoughts, plan for the coming year, and heal our spiritual, emotional, and physical wounds.

It is a time to dream and reflect.
A time to restart our engines.
A time for love and laughter.
A time for family.

GONG. I hope you hear that loud gong going off in my head. Yes, a gong. It diminishes some of what I said. A time for family. In this day and age, family is not always what we want. Family can be difficult and many are choosing to avoid family. In my youth, and, of course, in my mother's  youth, family was the end all. You sacrificed to see them. You vacationed with them. They were, after all, part of you. You did these things even if you did not always like them. You did love them. They were, after all, family.

Recently, a friend mentioned that she could not invite her niece's in-laws over for family fun, as the niece would not show up were the in-laws to be invited. How sad is that? She said that it hurt her as well, but she had to choose between blood relatives and friends. Sad that she felt she had to make that choice. Sad for the in-laws.

People talk about being religious - about being Christian, but I understand why many are so turned off of these so-called "Christians." They don't appear to walk the talk of Jesus. They do a lot of talk about it, but when it comes to relationships, it seems they need to do some reflection about what it means to be a Christian.

So as I meander through the summer, placing orders and planning my new English class "Multicultural Literature," I am reminded to think before I speak. I am reminded to speak kindly to and of others. I am reminded that life is difficult for most of us and that last thing we need in life is to have others rain on our parades. So, take it from someone who's been around a very long time in this life, just love and let it be. You cannot change others, but you can definitely change the way you perceive their actions. Be free and enjoy life. Dream and reflect. Restart your engines. Love and laugh. Yes, spend time with family! After all, they are you.

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